Show Fund Concert

Dear Firefighter Supporters,

Thanks for your support.  When you buy tickets to our fundraising concerts you are buying much more than an evening listening to great music.  Your purchase of vouchers funds and supports several local programs and a few we would like to start.  

Rest assured that your support goes directly to your local fire fighters association and remains within the midlands/Columbia region and is spend ONLY by your local firefighters.  Some of the benefits collected through these concerts go to support: 

1. Advocating for better fire protection in your community
2. Advocating for honest pay, time off, and benefits for local firefighters
3.  To Support the Muscular Dystrophy Association, our sponsored charity, which we and the Columbia Fire Department have raised over 3 million dollars since the Mid 90’s.

Your support can also support us and we’d like to start new programs like:

1.  A reading program in our local elementary school through the United Way and our library systems
2.  Supporting the Columbia Fire Departments’ smoke detector program.  This program supplies free smoke detectors to the community but is currently fund-limited.
3.  Supporting several local Firefighter vocational programs at local schools.
4.  Providing much-needed firefighting equipment to local jurisdictions in the midlands.  From jaws of life to wild land/entrapment gear we can support local departments to increase response effectiveness. 

Again, thank you so much for your time, support, and generosity.  You are contributing to make the Midlands region a safer, and more secure place to live, work and enjoy.

Victor Kemper
Columbia Firefighters Association and PFFSC President